Level 2 food hygiene Derbyshire


If you are working in a food industry, you know how important it is to become knowledgeable in food safety practices. Blue Cloud Training is one of the leading organizations in Derbyshire that not only provide high-quality food hygiene review and coaching to businesses. We also provide extensive training to help food handlers achieve 5-star Food Hygiene Rating from the local authority.
Our organization has helped a number of food businesses in Derbyshire and other nearby locations learn how to make changes in their practices to improve the safety of their food preparation procedures.


For more than 26 years, our specialists at Blue Cloud Training have established their names as among the top food safety trainers and consultants in the country. We have a full understanding of the local requirements and can help businesses overcome barriers to attaining legal compliance.
Our on-the-ground food hygiene consultation teaches individuals and businesses the right procedures and documentation, and achieve 5-star Food Hygiene ratings. Our Level 2 Food Safety training will help food handlers avoid the risks and hazards associated with food preparations, as well as the practical and cost-effective procedures. The training is also open to various individuals who work in the food industry such as cleaners, laundry personnel, maintenance engineers, and pest control operators.
If you are too busy to attend our group Level 2 Food Hygiene training and the other classes we offer, you can choose to study anywhere you are by enrolling in our e-learning courses. The online courses we provide adhere to the training materials produced by Highfield, the UK’s leading provider of compliance training materials.
Our services are not only limited to all levels of Food Hygiene training and consultations. We also offer food safety audits and legal assistance, food hygiene rating appeals and applications, health and safety consultation, food supply chain assurance, and more.
We also help develop food safety management process for all types and sizes of businesses including hotel chains and food manufacturers. The personalized food safety management systems we develop can be used by companies as a training toolkit.
You can check our website if you have questions regarding the services we offer or if you want to book a training or food hygiene consultation with us. You can also contact us through this telephone number: 07946 735 287 or send an email to penny@bluecloudtraining.com.