Infection Control

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What ever your workplace controlling the risk of infection spread is imperative a solid and well run business.

Our qualification is suitable for   hospitals, care homes, schools and nurseries, and generally anywhere people work or live together.

This qualification raises employees’ awareness of minimising the risk of infection.

Those who achieve this qualification will be able to help organisations to comply with requirements in this subject area. It gives individuals an improved understanding of the causes of infections, the conditions in which they thrive and the ways they are spread. It also covers suitable methods of cleaning and waste disposal to help stop infection spreading, as well as information on personal protective equipment that can be used.

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This qualification assist in compliance with Care Quality Commission Audit requirements.

There are many infection hazards in the work place and therefore understanding the necessary  controls associated with the spread of infection is critical.

One of the higher risk environments is healthcare. Every year a significant number of people are made ill or die as a direct result of the spread of infections. Healthcare providers have both a legal and moral obligation to make certain that they are not contributing to these statistics by ensuring their staff are effectively trained and ideally hold a relevant qualification.

Infection Control Training

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This qualification covers the known common diseases and chain of  infection and looking at standards and controls in infection control procedures.

It covers waste controls, spills controls and understanding roles and responsibilities.

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