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Now as you know Blue Cloud Training is based in the Midlands and we are always available to offer advice regarding how to get a good food hygiene rating.

As Ex EHO’s we are very familiar with the Code of Practice used by the Local Authority Enforcement Officers for Food Hygiene Inspection as well as the Food Standards Agency ‘Brand Standard’ used as a reference tool for your food hygiene rating calculation.

That why we can offer MOCK Food Hygiene Inspections in Derby, Leicester, Nottingham, Birmingham and other areas of the country.

Indeed, we now work with a number of businesses in a bid to keep their excellent food hygiene rating, or we take on new clients who are seeking help and hand holding.

The new website lets you quickly check out the ‘Scores on the Doors’ for food businesses near where you are now without having to visit them all, or navigate the FSA website. How good is that!!

Geared particularly for mobile use, you can see the hygiene ratings of the take-aways, restaurants and bars in your vicinity and so make an informed choice about where to visit. You can also see more details for each place, including their previous rating.

Not all high street chain branches are equal

Check out the score of your local branch of your favourite coffee or pizza chain. You may be surprised that they are not all consistent. The omgomg site highlights the worst performing outlets of popular chains in their Food Hygiene Failures section.

Even the Councils who gave the Food Hygiene Rating are judged!

A unique feature of is that they collect data on the time Councils take between carrying out inspections and making the food hygiene rating public. Councils are ranked on this out of 100 so you can quickly see how they compare.

A delay in publishing a poor result could put the public’s health at risk whereas if it is good then the business deserves to be able to promote their diligence. The OMG site thinks that by naming and shaming poor-performing councils, this will encourage them to speed up their reporting times.

Try it for yourself:

What’s your Rating?

If you have a less than perfect 5/5 in your food hygiene rating and want to improve then we can help. A MOCK Food Hygiene Inspection with fully detailed recommendations on what needs improving will mean you should sail through your next inspection.

Call us now on 01332 898290 or 0121 314 3381.


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